The executive summary of this important report from the Energy Research Partnership, published October 2016, is excellent and should tempt you to find time to read the whole report.


UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) briefing document published today.

  • Massive savings to households
  • Health benefits
  • Saving the equivalent of six nuclear power stations
  • Up to £47 billion investment benefits

In 2013, BRE organised this conference on addressing fire risk specifically in tall buildings.

In 2015, LABC organised this conference on addressing fire risk including in tall buildings.

Now might be a good time for inviting these same speakers to a major conference at RIBA on the same subject? 




Our current practical research work is focused on two areas:

(1) How houses and other buildings (particularly Passive House Plus designs) can be designed to produce more energy than they need in a year, and whether they can sensibly and reliably store spare energy to act as mini power-stations storing their excess energy in clean saltwater batteries until the National Grid calls for the stored energy to help address peak demand. A key question is whether this is cheaper per unit of power, and more sustainable, than building new power stations.

London Bridge Staircase


New London Bridge Staircase was opened on Monday by the Lord Mayor of London, Jeffrey Evans, together with Michael Welbank MBE, and blessed with holy water by Cardinal Rector Philip Warner of St Magnus the Martyr.


Photovoltaics for Productive Use Applications: Great catalogue of super low energy products (kitchen and cooking appliances, computers, tools, farm equipment, food production, office, tailoring, entertainment, hairdressing equipment) developed to run on solar energy produced by photovoltaics (PV)


The long-awaited New London Bridge Staircase, cantilevered over the River Thames, will link London Bridge with the Thames Walkway. Completion is currently programmed to be in May 2016

stainless steel screen - London Bridge Stair

Littlehampton Welding's factory is now filled with the plunging lines of the stainless steel screens of the new London Bridge Staircase, due to be craned into place on the weekend of 13th and 14th of February (delay on previously programmed date of 24th January), after the final flight of stairs is installed this coming Sunday 17th January. An intricately detailed project like this requires a combination of advanced technical expertise, combined with artisan craftsmanship.

london bridge staircase

Another flight of our stair was craned into position over the side of London Bridge today. Fortunately, yesterday's high winds dropped to nothing, and in an exercise of extreme delicacy, the stair passed London Bridge with millimetres of clearance. As planned, the weight of the new component caused the new footbridge to deflect another few millimetres - on target, (by the time the final components are put in place), to precisely alter the pre-camber of the new footbridge, so that the top landing meets London Bridge at the correct level.



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