The Mayville Community Centre opened its doors to visitors as part of the annual Open House London festival last weekend. Visitors had the opportunity to join tours led by Justin Bere and Nick Newman, to learn about the transformation of the centre from what was an uninsulated and inefficiently used Victorian building into what is now a fully certified, award-winning Passivhaus community centre with 90% energy savings.


Please note that for some unknown reason BT have disconnected our office's direct dial lines. This will be rectified as soon as possible but in the meantime please use the main number 020 7241 1064.

Designing Buildings for Bats, Birds and Biodiversity

The move towards air tight buildings has meant that many of the traditional spaces used by wildlife such as birds and bats, are no longer provided for in new buildings. This course explores many of the considerations, principles and techniques available to design and build biodiversity-friendly buildings.

The Muse Passive House bere:architects

Justin Bere's experimental self-build home has now reverted to private use since the office moved out in August 2012. The project started on site in the year 2000 (and work is still ongoing) with all the main passivhaus attributes of super-insulated walls, triple glazed windows, heat recovery ventilation, design for air tightness and design against cold bridging. When Wolfgang Feist first visited the Muse in 2009 and saw the monitoring results, he declared that it should be certified as a UK pioneer passivhaus.


We're all set up in the new passivhaus office and amazingly the network and phones are up and running on day 1! However there is still quite a lot to do to settle in and unpack all the boxes, and we have a major deadline for Wednesday midday, so please bear with us for a few days.


Friday 17th August. Today,  Bere:architects will be preparing for our office move to the Mildmay Centre, Woodville Road, London N16 8NA. This will involve shutting down our server and moving equipment, and so the team may not have access to emails until Monday morning. We will still be fielding calls from our main office number 0207 359 4503 which will be in operation until the close of business on Friday 17th August.


Mayville, Mildmay Community Centre, Woodville Road N16 8NA

Sat/Sun 10am - 5pm. First come basis. Please note that due to centre bookings, there will be no access to the main hall between 10.30-12.30 on Saturday or between 11.00-2.00 on Sunday. On Saturday tours will therefore be at 12:30pm, 2pm and 4pm and on Sunday there will be tours at 10am, 2pm and 4pm. Last entry 4pm. Max 15 per tour.


15th August 2012. BT have now fixed the fault with our telephone lines and normal service has been resumed. We thank you for your patience over the past two days and apologise for any inconvenience caused.


14th August 2012. BT have now partially repaired the fault on our lines. We are now able to receive calls on our main number, 02073594503, but our personal direct dial numbers have not yet been reallocated.

Please also note that until the problem is fixed we will only have two lines available for simultaneous use. We are endeavouring to keep one line clear at all times, but if you do hear a ‘user busy’ message, please could we ask that you try calling again in a few moments, or send an email.


13th August 2012. BT have accidentally disconnected our telephone lines a week earlier than requested for the office move. They have had a 'BT Special Design Team' working on this all day but have still not managed to reconnect our lines. If you need to contact us by telephone, please email or use the contact page of this site, and we will return your call by mobile phone. Otherwise, our broadband, which is fortunately not hosted by BT, is still a good way of contacting us.


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