BBC News Health today published a report titled: Illnesses related to living in a cold home cost the NHS £1.36bn every year, a report by Age UK suggests. 


Excellent talk at UCL last night with massive attendance and long debate; The Myth of Apathy; Going Beyond Behaviour Change  

Pdf of slides below

Interior render

Planning permission has just been awarded for our new, single-family mews home in the London Borough of Camden, which will be our second Passive House in the borough.

Coombe Farm passive house self-build

Our client at Coombe Farm has sent us a photo of progress on site of his self-build project. The building, a converted Dairy Barn is part of a small collection of buildings designed by bere:architects around a several hundred year old thatch cottage and is being constructed to the Passive House standard.

There’s something magical about the lantern like quality in the darkness. A beacon project for others to follow! Keep up the good work James!

savoy pier floating passive house passivhaus

bere:architects are pleased to announce that one of the longest running projects in the office, our scheme for the new Savoy Pier has recently been awarded planning permission.


We've just won approval for triple glazing (with numerous caveats) on the new build part of our Exmouth Market project but this success is tempered by a planning officer on another project in another borough who is worried that external insulated render on the rear of a building might be seen by passengers on a train (through the trees). Obviously the glimpse of render from a moving train could clearly never cause offence to even the most staunch supporter of profligate fossil fuel wastage. But maybe there's a risk that the train breaks down at the bottom of the garden?


The cost analysis template has been designed by quantity surveyor Richard Whidborne of e-Griffin Consulting in collaboration with bere:architects as part of their Passive House Cost Project (PHCP), to enable all cost data to be analysed in a consistent recognisable manner. This template is based very closely on the RICS New Rules of Measurement: Order of Cost Estimating and Elemental Cost Planning for Capital Building Works (second edition).


The conference exists to spread learning between all those who are interested in the field of low energy building design in the UK. It will include case studies, site visits, workshops, debate, an exhibition of Passivhaus products and numerous networking opportunities.


A practical guide on achieving the excellent levels of airtightness in Passivhaus building fabric.
Printed copies of this Guide will be available mid November 2012, please contact Lucy via e-mail if you would like to obtain a copy

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